Whirly-Girls Scholarship Email Submission Checklist

If possible, please use the online process at www.whirlygirls.org/scholarships/apply-now to complete your application. If this does not work, you can download the forms listed below, scan the listed materials, and email them all to wgscholarships@gmail.com. Please use the naming conventions given for each document. This saves our volunteers a lot of time.

If you have difficulty emailing the materials and prefer to submit them via mail, please contact the VP of Scholarships at scholarships@whirlygirls.org for guidance.

You must be a Whirly-Girl or female Associate member (for the Whirly-Girls Initial and Add-On scholarship) to apply.

Applications are due by October 3, 2021.

Checklist for email submissions

You may download a printable copy of the checklist below.

Email the documents listed below to wgscholarships@gmail.com.

___ 1. Scholarship application form (WGScholAppFull2022.doc)

Click on the link above to download the WGScholAppFull2021a.doc file. Save and edit the document. Please rename the document to the following format before submission: LASTNAME_AppFull (for example, SMITH_AppFull.doc)

___ 2. Essay document (WGScholEssayTemplate.doc) for each scholarship for which you are applying

Click on the link above to download the WGScholEssayTemplate.doc file. Save the document to your hard drive. Edit a copy of the WGScholEssayTemplate.doc file for EACH scholarship. Please rename the documents using the following format: LASTNAME_ScholarshipName (ex. Memorial, AddOn, Tinsley, Mountain, Airbus, Erickson, FlightSafety, Garmin, Leading Edge, R22, R66, SurvivalSystems, Thurn, etc. A sample file could be called SMITH_memorial.doc). Remember to attached ALL essay files to the submission email.

___ 3. Scholarship Estimated Training Costs (WGScholFinancial2022.doc)

If you are applying for the Whirly-Girls Memorial, Whirly-Girls Add-On, or the Edward M. Thurn Memorial scholarships, download the WGScholFinancial2021.doc file using the link above. Please rename the document using the following format: LASTNAME_finance (for example, SMITH_finance.doc)

___ 4. Front and back of pilot certificate(s)/license(s)

Scan the front and back of your pilot certificate(s)/license(s), and name the files as follows: LASTNAME_Cert1front, LASTNAME_Cert1back, LASTNAME_Cert2front, etc. (For example, SMITH_cert1front.jpg and SMITH_cert2back.jpg)

___ 5. Medical certificate (current)

Scan your current medical certificate, and name the document as follows: LASTNAME_Med (for example, SMITH_Med.pdf)

___ 6. Three letters of recommendation

If you have paper copies of the recommendation letters, please scan them. Name the electronic files as follows: LASTNAME_letter1, LASTNAME_letter2, etc. Do not send more than three recommendation letters. Only three letters will be considered by our independent judges.

___ 7. Remittance: $55 USD scholarship application fee

You may pay by PayPal or credit card by using the link below — specify $50 for the amount, and confirm the PayPal email address you used when sending in your application materials.

Donation amount:

You may also send a check. Please make the check out to Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund and mail it to the following address:
Whirly-Girls International
Post Office Box 422
Meadow Lands, PA  15347

Then email the photo of the check to scholarships@whirlygirls.org. Please contact Whirly-Girls Treasurer Rachael Vanderhoff at treasurer@whirlygirls.org with any payment questions.

Questions about this process? Please contact our VP of Scholarships at scholarships@whirlygirls.org.