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Membership Benefits


Requirements: You must be a female rated helicopter pilot to become a Whirly-Girl



Scholarships: in recent years the organization has awarded more than $175,000 dollars in flight and ground training scholarships for active members.

Job Postings: A new partnership with the popular aviation job site,, connects our website directly to their helicopter specific jobs.

Networking & Camaraderie: Meet fellow female helicopter pilots from all parts of the industry through our database or at events.

Mentoring: Talk to a Whirly-Girl who has worked in a industry you are trying to get into.

Newsletter: Keep up with what fellow Whirly-Girls are doing in the industry in the Collective Pitch.

Other benefits include: A Whirly-Girls necklace charm, and a lifetime Whirly-Girl number.

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Associate Members

For anyone who wants to be a member of the Whirly-Girls, but is not a female rated helicopter pilot. The following are examples of Associate members:

Student Pilot:

Flight school student who hasn’t yet earned her helicopter rating

Industry Professional:

Anyone in aviation who is not a female rated helicopter pilot

Individual Supporters:

Anyone who supports women in aviation or is interested in sponsoring flight training by donating to the Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund



Whirly-Girls: $50

Associate Members: $25


Lifetime Members: $1200 one-time payment

When you join the Whirly-Girls for the first time (this does not include Whirly-Girls who renew their dues after a couple of years being inactive), you will be charged a one-time $25 application processing fee.

However, this fee is waived for student pilots and active members of the military.

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The Whirly-Girls have several gatherings throughout the year. Our annual conference is at HAI’s Heli-Expo, usually held in the first week of March. We also have a big gathering at the Women in Aviation Conference and at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh in July.

We are starting a regional Ambassador Program to help Whirly-Girls connect in local regions. If you are interested in being a point of contact to help local Whirly-Girls get together, or find a mentor, or learn more about the organization, contact Jessica Kanellos.