Livingston & Volunteer Awards

About the Livingston Award

WG#4 Nancy Livingston Stratford established the Livingston Award in 1988 in memory of J. Arlo Livingston, Alaska pioneer helicopter pilot, member of the Whirly-Girl’s Auxiliary and past president of the Helicopter Association International.

This award honors a woman who has achieved distinction for the contributions she has made on behalf of women in helicopter aviation. It is to be awarded to a living Whirly-Girl who personifies the high standards and ideals of women in helicopter aviation and who has contributed in a significant way to the advancement, recognition and credit of women in helicopter aviation.

Anyone may nominate a Whirly-Girl for this award. Relevant material (in English) should accompany the nomination form, such as details of certificates and flight hours; copies of commending letters, press accounts and citations; organizational affiliations and offices; helicopter-related activities, and any other information that would support the nomination. An informal nominating letter relating as much of the above information as possible will be accepted.

Do you know a Whirly-Girl who is an ideal candidate for the Livingston Award? Please make a nomination. Download the nomination form (in Word format) and send it with any supporting material to WG#202 Diane Dowd by December 15.

WG#465 Bev Haug-Schaffter, Livingston Award Winner (2011) with WG#4 Nancy Livingston Stratford (right)

Previous Livingston Award Winners

1989 – WG#13, Jean Ross Howard
1990 – WG#46, Lauretta Foy
1991 – WG#21, Charlotte Kelley
1992 – WG#27, Dora D. Strother McKeown
1993 – WG#6, Dr. Gen. Valerie Andre
1994 – WG#118, Jean K. Tinsley
1995 – WG#52, Betty Pfister
1996– WG#55, Doris Lockness
1997-98 – WG#2, Ann Shaw Carter
1999 – WG#295, Sherry Knight Rossiter
2000 – WG#215, Betsy Johnson
2001 – WG#515, Laura Goldsberry
2002 – WG#247, Nelda Lee
2003 – WG#50, Ilovene Potter
2004 – WG#20, Evelyn Bryan Johnson
2005 – WG#40, Fran Bera
2006 – WG#56, Mary Raub
2007 – WG#435, Colleen Nevius
2008 – WG#738, Inna Kopetz
2009 – WG#740, Lisa DiGiovanna
2010 – WG#310, Alacia Lane
2011 – WG#465, Bev Haug-Schaffter
2012 – WG#340, Sheryl Brakey
2013 – WG#202, Diane Dowd
2014 – WG#212, Nadine Fetsko
2015 – WG#313, Cindy Wilson
2016 – WG#1034, Stacy Sheard
2017 – WG#548, Terri Watson
2018 – WG#440, Bonnie Wilkens
2019 – WG#1070, Janie Foster
2020 – WG#744, Pamela Gallina
2021 – WG#1582, Jeanette Eaton
2022 – WG#747, Melissa Mathiasen
Diamond Volunteer Award

About the Emeritus Circle & Volunteer Awards

Previous Whirly-Girls boards of directors established the Emeritus Circle as a way to create a group of Whirly-Girls comprised of members who have served in a board, other volunteer, or executive position within the organization, and capture their acquired wisdom about the organization, its members and its operations.

Their mission is to document lessons learned to avoid repeating mistakes; and help keep up momentum as the organization grows and moves forward. Any former Whirly-Girls board member or executive officer who has fulfilled her full term is eligible for membership in the Emeritus Circle.

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The Emeritus Circle has become a beneficial resource to the board with contributions of Whirly-Girls history and knowledge. They provide ongoing visibility of our history to help the membership show appreciation for their leadership.

The Emeritus Circle annually chooses the recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award (VYA) and the Diamond Volunteer Award (DVA). The first is to recognize a volunteer for her contributions to a project for the organization that has shown an outstanding positive effect within the past year. The DVA recipient is a volunteer who has given of herself toward a long-term project or projects that have benefitted the Whirly-Girls. The Emeritus Circle presents the Awards during the annual Whirly-Girls Scholarship Awards Banquet at HELI-EXPO on behalf of the Whirly-Girls, International.

The Emeritus Circle assists in photo archiving and also assist the current president in a variety of projects that help the organization.

Whirly-Girls Diamond Volunteer Award

Presented to a Whirly-Girl who has given of herself to a long-term project benefitting the Whirly-Girls.

Previous Winners

WG#31 Danna Henderson, Diamond Volunteer Award Winner (2007)

2007 – WG#31, Danna Henderson
2008 – WG#295, Sherry Rossiter
2009 – WG#459, Bev Vetter
2010 – WG#810, Teen Corey
2011 – WG#744, Pamela Gallina
2012 – WG#1259, Sarah Neely
2013 – WG#925, Ginger De Villa Rose
2014 – WG#740, Lisa Di Giovanna
2015 – WG#413, Cathy Adams
2016 – WG#1363, Sabine Buehlman
2017 – WG#1178, Dianna Stanger
2018 – WG#718, Cassandra Morris
2019 – WG#388, Deborah Sawyer
2020 – WG#1329, Laura McColm
2021 – WG#4, Nancy Livingston Stratford
2022 – WG#1921 Sami Challburg

Whirly-Girls Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year award is presented to a Whirly-Girl who has done outstanding work and volunteered a significant amount of time for the organization in the past year.

Previous Winners

2007 – WG#718, Cassie Morris
2008 – WG#1040, Jen Boyer
2009 – WG#1329, Laura McColm
2010 – WG#1204, Lisa Pendergrass
2011 – WG Auxiliary, Laura Mazzadra
2012 – WG#31, Danna Henderson
2013 – WG#1676, LeAnne Gomez
2014 – WG#1772, Ronnie Johnson-Bogart
2015 – WG#1398, Kate Garrison
2016 – WG#1340, Megan Dukes
2021 – WG#2041, Victoria Palmer
2022 – WG#2077, Melissa Day

Emeritus Circle Volunteer Awards, including the Associate Award, which is given to an Associate (formerly Auxiliary) member for his or her dedication to volunteering for the Whirly-Girls that year, are given out during the Whirly-Girls annual banquet at Heli-Expo, usually the first week in March.

Nominations for are usually solicited in the fall and due by the end of the year. Email WG#694 CeCe Chen for more information:

Here are the recipients of the Associate/Auxiliary Member Emeritus Awards:

2010 – Jack Corey – Auxiliary Member of the Year
2011 – Laura Mazzadra – Auxiliary Member of the Year
2012 – Ian Turner – Auxiliary Member of the Year
2013 – Tom Cook- Auxiliary Member of the Year
2014 – Barry Pomeroy – Auxiliary Member of the Year
2017 – Lisa Ray – Auxiliary Member of the Year
2019 – Sara Mazzarella – Associate Member of the Year
2019 – Kaye Mains – Lifetime Associate Award
2020 – Jeffrey Smith – Lifetime Associate Award
2021 – Ainsley Martin – Associate Member of the Year
2022 – Tamara Jackson – Lifetime Associate Award