Whirly-Girls Membership Levels and Benefits

Join the Whirly-Girls

Are you a female helicopter pilot? A student? An aviation enthusiast? Or do you represent an aviation company?

By joining the Whirly-Girls, you are connecting with a worldwide network of helicopter pilots and supporters who are dedicated to helping advance women in helicopter aviation, and promote helicopters in the community.

We have a range of membership categories to best fit your interests.


Membership Categories

A female helicopter pilot. Membership may be renewed annually, or a Whirly-Girl may become a lifetime member.
Military member
A female helicopter pilot who is or was a member of the armed forces who can join the Whirly-Girls at a reduced rate. Membership may be renewed annually, or a Whirly-Girl may become a lifetime member.
Associate member
Anyone who wants to be a member of the Whirly-Girls, but is not a female rated helicopter pilot. There are 3 categories of associates:
  • Student: A woman who hasn't yet earned her helicopter rating
  • Industry professional: Anyone in aviation who is not a female rated helicopter pilot.
  • Individual supporter: Anyone who supports women in aviation or is interested in sponsoring flight training by donating to the Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund.
Associate membership may be renewed annually, or an Associate may become a lifetime member.
Corporate member
A business membership for companies that wish to support the work of the Whirly-Girls.

Membership Benefits

Scholarships: In recent years, the organization has awarded more than $175,000 dollars in flight and ground training scholarships annually. Whirly-Girls, Military members, and Associates are eligible for scholarships.

Scholarships change lives by opening doors:

  • Scholarships help members gain a new skill that acts as a differentiator for their next job application.
  • Scholarships allow members to meet others in your specific field of interest.
  • A scholarship could help a member to obtain her next certificate or rating, or provide training that’s required for the next step in her career.
  • Receiving a scholarship through the Whirly-Girls gives a woman the confidence of knowing that external judges are impressed by her achievements and believe in her potential.
  • The knowledge and skill a member receives through a Whirly-Girls scholarship could save her life and those of her passengers.

Check the requirements to make sure the scholarship applies to you.

Job Postings: A partnership with the popular aviation job site, jsfirm.com, connects our website directly to their helicopter-specific jobs.

Networking & Camaraderie: Meet fellow female helicopter pilots from all parts of the industry.

Mentoring: Talk to a Whirly-Girl who has worked in a industry you are interested in.

Newsletter: Keep up with what fellow Whirly-Girls are doing in the industry in the Collective Pitch.

Whirly-Girls also receive a Whirly-Girls necklace charm and a lifetime Whirly-Girl number.