The deadline to reserve a hotel room for HELI-EXPO is November 29! Don’t be late!

You can reserve a double-occupancy room in the Whirly-Girls block with this link:

Please note that HELI-EXPO housing is provided through OnPeak. These hotels are on the HAI bus route to and from the convention center.

Other HAI hotels are available through the HAI website:

Remember: you need not stay in any of the hotels listed in the OnPeak links above. But please be cautious when entering any financial arrangements with hotel resellers not affiliated with HAI. Also, if you are not in a hotel listed on the HAI website (heliexpo.rotor.org), you will not be on the HAI bus route to and from the convention center and will need to make your own transportation arrangements.

If you interested in sharing a room with another Whirly-Girl, please contact our WG#1360 Susanne Hallen, our VP of Operations, at operations@whirlygirls.org. Stay tuned for a listing of Whirly-Girls events in Anaheim!