Whirly-Girls Webinar Feb. 25


Ursina Rusch, a South African associate member, will speak on wildlife conservation involving helicopters. Whirly-Girl #1715 and scholarship recipient Adele Dobler will be the host/moderator for this event.

Ursina Rusch is a wildlife conservationist working for the WWF South Africa Black Rhino Range Expansion Project. She was raised in Northern Ontario, Canada with a keen interest in wildlife and aviation. She moved to South Africa in 2010 to study zoology and has worked with black rhinos over the past 7 years, focusing on rhino translocations and population management.

A stint of rhino monitoring with an airplane in Malawi inspired her to begin her flying journey. She holds a private airplane license and is currently hour building with an anti-poaching wing towards her commercial, with the goal of obtaining private and commercial helicopter licenses thereafter, with the goal of flying as a wildlife capture pilot. She has extensive experience in capture operations of a variety of African wildlife and has been instrumental in the use of AS350 Astar helicopters to airlift black rhinos for translocations.

Please join us!

Topic: Wildlife Conservation Webinar with Ursina Rusch
Time: Feb 25, 2023, 05:00 PM London; noon Eastern time.

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Photo of the 200th rhino moved by the WWF South Africa Black Rhino Range Expansion Project courtesy of the WWF and Mickey Wiswedel.

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Feb 25 2023


Eastern Standard Time
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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