About the Emeritus Circle

Previous Whirly-Girls boards of directors established the Emeritus Circle as a way to capture acquired wisdom about the organization, its members, and its operations. The Emeritus Circle is comprised of members who have served in a board or other volunteer or executive position within the organization. The hope is to build on lessons learned and avoid repeating mistakes or wasting momentum as the organization grows and moves forward.

Any Whirly-Girl board member or executive officer who has fulfilled her term, unless she had terminated it early, is eligible for membership in the Emeritus Circle.

The Emeritus Circle has become a beneficial resource to the board with contributions of Whirly-Girls history and knowledge. Members provide ongoing visibility of our history to help the membership appreciate the contributions and achievements of the Whirly-Girls over time.

Emeritus Circle Awards

The Emeritus Circle annually chooses the recipients of the Volunteer of the Year Award, the Diamond Volunteer Award, and the Associate Awards.

The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes a volunteer for her contributions to a project for the organization that has shown an outstanding positive effect within the past year.

The Diamond Volunteer Award recipient is a volunteer who has given of herself toward a long-term project or projects that have benefited the Whirly-Girls.

The Associate Award and Lifetime Associate Award are given to Associate members who have been of great service to the organization. Lifetime awards are for special service over an extended period.

The Emeritus Circle presents these awards during the annual Whirly-Girls Annual Awards Banquet at HAI HELI-EXPO on behalf of the Whirly-Girls International. The Emeritus Circle also assists in photo archiving and other special projects that help the organization.

For more information about the Emeritus Circle, please contact the Emeritus Circle Chair at emeritus@whirlygirls.org.