56 Seconds to Live



The Unintended Flight in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (UIMC) Safety Initiative

The US Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) has compiled resources to help prevent Unintended Flight into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (UIMC), also known as Inadvertent flight into IMC (IIMC).

This list includes the new video, 56 Seconds to Live, which depicts the decision-making process and events that lead to a simulated inadvertent IMC encounter. This video was produced by the USHST with support from Helicopter Association International, Airbus, and Frasca International Inc. Some pilots may recognize the resemblance to the Air Safety Institute’s 178 Seconds to Live, depicting a similar simulated scenario with an airplane pilot.

The new video is accompanied by a one-hour online course that analyzes the decisions that led to the encounter, and provides tools to help identify and avoid the pitfalls leading to IIMC. These tools can help pilots avoid potential IMC encounters by giving them a range of options to consider when weather is closing in. The goal is to help reduce the number of IIMC events, thus preventing accidents, and saving lives.

The online courses, videos, training opportunities, tools, and resources are available on the 56 Seconds to Live page.