Garmin Mid-Year Scholarship Winners


We are delighted to announce the recipients of the 2021 Garmin Mid-Year Scholarships. These scholarships, generously provided by Garmin, include a range of eLearning courses: the GTN Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course, the G1000H NXi Fundamentals eLearning Course, and the G1000H NXi Advanced-IFR eLearning Course.

The six recipients of the Garmin Mid-Year Scholarships are as follows:

  • Fallon Blattner (Garmin GTN Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course)
  • Courtey Guinan (Garmin G1000H NXi Advanced IFR eLearning Course)
  • Josilyn Lundquist (Garmin GTN Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course)
  • Chelsea Montgomery (Garmin G1000H NXi Advanced IFR eLearning Course)
  • Paola Sisconetto (Garmin G1000H NXi Fundamentals eLearning Course)
  • Valerie Smith (Garmin GTN Essentials 2.0 eLearning Course)

Garmin’s mission is to be an enduring company by creating superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports that are an essential part of our customers’ lives. “Garmin is pleased to continue its aviation training partnership with Whirly-Girls. It is always a pleasure having Whirly-Girls scholarship award winners in our instructor-led classes.” Says Jeff Hoing, Garmin Aviation Training Manager. “We have recently released two new G1000H, GTN, and TXi eLearning courses that we hope are as valuable to the Whirly-Girl members. Garmin looks forward to continuing to expand our partnership in the future.

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